I've been focused on fertility care for over 15 years, and I consider myself to be a strong voice and advocate for natural fertility care. I only work with individuals and couples who are dealing with fertility problems. In short, I've devoted my naturopathic practice exclusively to fertility issues. 

I'm a registered Naturopathic Doctor and I graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto, as well as earning a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Concordia University (Montreal).  I've lectured on fertility to the 3rd year Women's Health class at CCNM, the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors' annual convention, the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society, the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada, and the Toronto Infertility Network. I'm the author and creator of The Naturopathic View, a featured column in Creating Families, a magazine that is published by the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada (IAAC). My opinions on fertility issues have been featured in the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, Chatelaine magazine, and NOW magazine. I've also been interviewed on radio and TV, most notably for a series on fertility with Global TV. I am often engaged to speak on Naturopathic Medicine and Fertility at meetings, conferences, and support groups.

In addition to helping individuals and couples to conceive, I am also experienced with prenatal care, giving my patients the best and most up-to-date care during this very precious time in their lives. I have a lot of experience helping women who suffer with recurrent pregnancy loss. I also provide acupuncture treatment for breech pregnancy, natural labour induction, and labour augmentation.

About me: Judith Fiore, ND